An Afternoon with Lexxi Rocks

An Afternoon with Escort Lexxi Rocks

Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo – Catullus 16, Gaius Valerius Catullus

To feel myself pumping cum into her mouth was one of the most satisfying experiences ever. It had taken two hours to get to this point and when she kissed me afterwards, sharing that cum, I had that Zen moment of pure bliss.

That was Lexxi all over. No hang ups, open to all that I could give her and complete confidence in her ability to satisfy my needs while enjoying herself as much as possible. Most definitely one of the most stylish, sexy women I’ve ever had the pleasure of fucking, Lexxi is worth every penny and then some.

It was obvious this was going to be an afternoon fuck to remember from the moment I walked through the door. The bright red hair, ripped jeans and leather bodice were just the beginning. Lexxi is insanely beautiful and so very willing to do so much that the sensual feeling I felt when we first kissed was going to last for the whole time we were together.

The little strip show that followed as Lexxi slowly undressed began to reveal a body that was going to be a pleasure to play with. Her ass, exposed was duly spanked good and hard until it became as red as her hair. The leather and chain G-string she wore was a pleasant change from the lace most women wear but once naked the real beauty of the woman shone through. Lexxi has a wonderful set of tattoos which adorn her body, from the winged heart and Klingon saying “Today is a good day to die” to the birds on her breasts, the elegant peacock up her side and just to complete the set, the playing cards on her calves. Sometimes tattoos can be overdone or have little meaning but Lexxi has excelled in her body art.

While examining her beautiful body my fingers probed her pussy and asshole, feeling the tightness in both and getting her to finger herself during a little filming. There’s a pleasure I get from watching a woman finger her own ass and it was time my erection came out to play but my desire to taste the sweetness Lexxi keeps between her legs was far too tempting to ignore. Having her bent over and letting my tongue examine her pussy. Already wet, her cunt was a divine pleasure and once she was sat on the couch with her legs spread I could get at her some more before getting out a dildo and probing her pussy with it while licking her clit.

There’s a rare beauty to submissive women and given the chance to do anything to them and get them to do anything I want always creates a great experience. It can be a fine line between domination and abuse but with use of commands and actions which bring pleasure to both Dom and sub, both get the satisfaction they crave.

Such a horny and dirty bitch Lexxi prides herself on deep throating and the dildo spent some time down her throat to test this theory. She could take it and then some. Deep throating is an art form and Lexxi has it covered expertly. A girl without a gag reflex should be married off post haste.

Watching her bring herself to orgasm using a magic wand was a beautiful sight to behold. The way a woman will twitch as she builds towards orgasm makes for a good homemade film and I was going to make damn sure I filmed as much of Lexxi as possible. Her orgasm came before too long.

Being so well behaved up until now I let Lexxi enjoy some cock in her mouth, so kept her on the couch and presented her the gift of flesh for a first taste. She gobbled it up straight away. She sucked the full length effortlessly while I kept her head in my hands and forced the tempo according to my needs.

When a woman gives head as well as Lexxi does it’s only natural to want to feel her mouth wrapped around my cock for as long as possible. I would let her take me close to orgasm before stopping, kissing her and talking about sex and her past exploits a little before allowing her the pleasure of sucking me again. Positions were swapped around so I had her on her knees then her real selling point, some serious face fucking which required her on her back, head over the edge of the bed and taking my cock deep down her throat. Lexxi really knows how to use all her gifts and talents to make a man feel good. From her pierced lips to her tongue and the feeling of fucking her throat were sublime moments in time and I couldn’t help myself having some of the small non-ejaculate orgasms I had.

Throughout the blowjob sessions I had the chance to play with Lexxi a little more and prepare her ass for a fucking I needed to give her. Lube and toys were pushed up her ass to open her up, a finger or three just for good measure mixed with a good spanking along the way kept Lexxi willing and ensured she did exactly what I asked of her.

With good domination comes humiliation so with that and Lexxi’s own pleasures she spent some time knelt to worship my cock and succumbed to a good soaking when I pissed all over her face and tits. Open mouth, taking what I gave her and totally messing up her makeup made the whore just look dirty and hotter than ever. To kiss her piss soaked mouth afterwards and knowing she’s been a good slut for taking it all meant it was only fair to let her reciprocate so I lay down on the floor while she stood above me and emptied her own bladder on my body and cock before more cock sucking and allowing her to finger my own asshole while she did it.

Back on the bed and some 69ing fun. More ass spanking and pussy licking while she continued to suck me. Honestly, this girl never tires of sucking cock and could probably do it all day long. It would be fun to line up Lexxi in a big cock sucking session, giving her a different man each time one cums and seeing just how long she could go for.

Finally, to fuck her. On her back, legs spread and pushed back to expose her sex I slid my cock in her pussy and felt a youthful tightness for some fucking while choking her. Too few women understand their real worth but Lexxi isn’t one of them and once I switched from her pussy to her ass I could really give her the fucking I wanted to and ram my cock as deep into her ass for a good hard fucking led to my overwhelming desire to cum. Despite having had the mini orgasms throughout periods of the afternoon I had yet to let the cum fly but there wasn’t any chance I wanted to cum while fucking Lexxi’s ass while wearing a condom. Condoms, while essential for safe sex, seem such a waste of semen so it’s always better to get cum on a woman’s body or in her mouth. So, I had Lexxi sucking me again for one final blowjob which finally allowed me to fill her mouth with a nice big mouthful of cum.

I shouldn’t have been surprised but Lexxi took it all, not spilling a drop and being able to kiss me afterwards to share that moment. Few women can take a mouthful of cum without spilling or gagging on the ejaculation.

I love submissive women and Lexxi Rocks, by name and by nature. As a model, a woman, a submissive, a tattooed redhead and as an escort. There’s certainly an obvious beauty and charm to Lexxi Rocks but there’s more to her. She’s got style, she’s intelligent, she’s funny and she’s serious about what she does. Whether it’s as an escort or a model Lexxi Rocks is a woman on top of her game.

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