Chinese Student Loves Drinking Cum

Li loves cum

Li knelt at my feet, eager for the drink I was about to give her. She’d already taken me in her ass and was now thirsty for me to finish what we’d started. Gagging as I came in her mouth Li couldn’t say no to me. She never could. Being made to embrace any sexual situation was what she liked best and I’d tested her limits before this moment. Holding her head tight against my groin while gagging on my cock was almost tame by comparison even if she’d told me of her need for a milky white drink.

It had been a month-long roller coaster of a ride. Exploring the sexual deviances of submissive women is always fun, finding them isn’t always easy. At least, not before the advent of the more salacious sex dating websites where I first came across Li. She’s also been the easiest to take from online messages to meeting. Proximity was down to luck. Li was a Chinese student in England, although looking for a permanent way to stay in the country (marriage being the easiest of ways to a visa) she was also cute and had the dirtiest of minds of anyone I’d met since Donna.

The wild fetish and alternative dating scene felt like a totally different world to the more mundane ideas of the romantic dating sites or casual sex sites. Even if it can be equally satisfying and frustrating. Dominant and submissive focused pleasure seekers aren’t just looking to match kinks. Specificity matters, yet so does compatibility. It’s the three levels of dating in extreme form. Find the match, find the lust, find the deviance. BDSM becomes both a good term and its own worst enemy. It’s general. Too broad ranging in its ideas of behaviour. More a lifestyle term even if, as it rarely happens, there are not as many S’s or M’s in the truer definitions of the words. The common term of BDSM is a mixed and varied world that can range from the simple and sublime to the more extremes of pain and torture. Then there are the beginners looking to explore and the experts who are true Masters and Mistresses of their craft.

Li was well versed in the world of the submissive slut. Eager to please and almost always horny and available when I needed her w. We first met on a cold night in February. Although agreeing to meet at the local pub she didn’t want to drink alcohol, instead wanting to go straight back to my place and get better acquainted. She was desperate for me to fuck her brains out as soon as possible. Li was a cum junkie and she hadn’t had a fix for far too long.

She gave herself to me that night. Offered up her big sift tits with their pokey nipples like big bullets to suck on. Stuck her tongue right up my ass regardless that I hadn’t washed it since the morning. She took a finger in her pussy, that small tight crevice into the cave, with hard bone keeping the entrance blocked for anything more than that solitary finger. She took my cock in her ass, pushing past the pain of entry to a soft whimpering of pleasure and an orgasm of joy. Finally, kneeling at my feet, her head firmly held against my crotch while my balls unloaded down her throat. Like water from a hose, choking her.