Daddy’s Quick Desire

Anal Fuck for Daddy in a hotel in Alexandria

Daddy was back in town. I knew he would be, so I ensured my body would be as smooth as possible for him. When he told me to, I sent him the pictures to prove it. I liked keeping Daddy pleased because I knew he would reward me. There’s nothing I wouldn’t have done for him to make him happy. I knew how much he loved my slutty nature. I loved him being rough with me.

“How soon can you get to the hotel in Alexandria?” he asked in a message. I gave him an answer and he gave me a room number. I took an Uber to the hotel and headed up to the room, knocked and waited for Daddy to open the door.

We kissed for a moment. His hands feeling the hem of the dress I had on, pulling it up. I had a small thong on underneath, the one Daddy had bought for me. With my dress pulled up he turned me around, his armed enveloped me. One hand went to my boobs, the other to my crotch. He held me tight, his breath on my neck. His hands weren’t gentle.

Once the dress came off, Daddy pushed me down to my knees. I knelt there, motionless, while he went to a bag on the bed. Emptying the contents onto the bed I noticed the gag and glass dildo. He returned to me with a blindfold.

Blindfolds always leave me feeling vulnerable. I knew I could trust Daddy but there was always that little part of me that was unsure. It didn’t matter. I would still be Daddy’s little slut.

I opened my mouth wide when I felt the head of his cock on my lips. Daddy wasn’t big, he had a pleasant cock that was around 6″ long. It was easy to take it all in my mouth.

“I love your lithe little body,” he said as I sucked him. His hand was on my head, rocking me back and forth. “You love being a slut for me?” I could only mumble my agreement.

He pulled me up, turned me around again and marched me, with my arm held up my back in a painful way, toward the bed. Bent over the bed he put the restraints on me. Wrists held close together, the leather tight. Then the ball gag. Roughly pushed into my mouth and tightened at the back of my head. It hurt at first, I enjoyed that pain.

He let go of me and I knew Daddy was watching, looking at me, starting at my ass. I wanted him to fuck my ass. I wanted him to do it now, fast and hard. To take me as I was.

Fingers and lube and spanking. Daddy’s spankings were always dealt with a sadistic pleasure I knew he got from hurting me. Daddy wasn’t afraid to leave bruises on my ass or inner thighs. I couldn’t complain, cry out or move to stop him. This was how Daddy liked me to be. Completely at his mercy. I was nothing more than a vessel for his pleasure.

The cold feel of the glass dildo made my sphincter tighten. Daddy didn’t care, he still pushed it up anyway. I could feel the tears and the pain. I like that about Daddy. He’s confident in his approach. Assertive with me and never asks. He just takes. His hand is on my back, pushing me down on the bed. My feet are still on the floor. I feel smothered. The gag and bedding are making it hard to breath.

The dildo comes out. Replaced with his cock.

The fucking. The best pleasure I can feel. Now I know I’m his little slut and he can take me how he wants. I know he’s leant over me. The heat and smell of his body and he ploughs my ass while keeping my head pushed down is pushing me towards an orgasm. I shouldn’t cum.

There is a moment when I feel like I’m about to pass out. I could make the sign with my fingers to get him to stop but I also know he’s close to finishing. The pace of his fucking intensifies then slows. He releases me when he cums. I can breathe in the air through my nose again.

My hands are unbound. The ball gag comes off next.

I’m allowed to go and clean myself off.

“That was good,” Daddy says to me when I leave the bathroom. “Tell Rebecca you were a good slut for me and if she’s willing, I want to take you to Italy next month.”
“Yes, Daddy. Thank you, Daddy.”

I leave. Uber home again. Excited for another foreign trip with Daddy.