Demeaning the Dragon

UK American Escort Demona Dragon Gets a Moutful of Cum

“What does one want when one is engaged in the sexual act? That everything around you give you its utter attention, think only of you, care only for you…every man wants to be a tyrant when he fornicates.”  ― Marquis de Sade, Philosophy in the Boudoir

There are times when it’s hard to fathom out an escort. She’s there, she’s willing, she’s polite, friendly and dirty. Suck you off and swallow your cum? No problem. Then there was Demona Dragon. She had an air of superiority that leaked out as disdain. Maybe just for me, maybe she just hates humanity as a whole. Who was in charge? The willing woman taking my cash or me with my hand pushing her head down on my cock? Demona Dragon is a hot inked slut who’ll do what I want but she’s in control.

York has its fair share of beautiful whores willing to subject themselves to the desires of men. Acomb has gone downhill rapidly in recent years although some of the residential streets still prevail as more respectable places to live. The house I met the San Francisco native in really fitted in the dishevelled street near The Acomb pub. Unkept places add a certain lewdness to meetings. Just so long as the bed is clean. Demona, her black hair and pale skin, awaited.

Demona possesses most of the standard sexual attributes common to all members of her species. A well-spoken American with a mouth made for sucking cock. A skinny body with oversized fake tits, pierced nipples and a body covered in random tattoos like she was some artist’s practise easel. The little black dress came off, the bra and knickers came off. She sat on the bed, legs spread with her pussy on full display and I was hungry.

Demona Dragon has a wonderful pussy. An early morning meeting keeps it fresh, none of the day’s sweat or stink from previous use. The swollen lips exposing the sweetness within. Most pussy is worth a good tongue fuck, but this slut had a cunt to remember. Tasting and licking, drinking every drop of the precious juices. Holding her legs apart and pushing in deep. Running from bottom to top, ignoring the clit at first, teasing and making her wait before devouring the centre.

Little flicks, feeling her body twitch. Then sucking it, a vacuum around the clit.

A trail of saliva joins our bodies as I pull back. Now good and wet and ripe to fuck. Vibrator to hand I can now watch as she diddled herself, running the constant motions of vibration over her clit before sliding the pink plastic tube inside. Watching women masturbate, up close and personal. My own private FTV video. JFM videos are better though. What I’m filming today is Just For Me. Sure, she’s done the rounds of the UK’s 2-bit slutty pornographers filming clichés in multiple takes. No clean cum shot today though.

Once we switch positions and take a breather I get to learn a little more about the hot inked slut who’s about to taste my cum. Slutty bitches like Demona Dragon are more fun than most escorts. They have the stories, whether true or not, to keep a guy horny.

She goes down on me taking my swollen glans in her mouth. It doesn’t take her long to find that sweet spot of the frenulum. Her head bobbing up and down, working the glans with her lips and tongue, going deeper every so often and slowly working me towards full ejaculation with my foreskin pulled down. A pierced tongue works wonders in such situations.

Getting closer with my hand on her head controlling the rhythm and pace of the blowjob. The slut’s cock sucking skills are good, but I need to control this. Warning her just as I’m about to cum. If there wasn’t money involved I’d push her head right down and shoot jizz down her throat.

Instead she takes the first stream and lifts her head off leaving the rest of my cum to shoot wherever it goes. I confess, the pressure of my cum escaping is powerful. Some get caught out by it. Still, the video will make a fine addition to my collection.

The slut has a divine pussy and I’d see her again if she wasn’t moving to Nottingham.