Haley’s Hot Summer

Haley's naked teenage body on a hot summer afternoon

Those hot summer afternoons left everyone in no mood to do anything. Not that much happened in summer. Sticky, hot, humid days making you feel like ice cream that’s been left out too long. It wasn’t a day for doing anything. It hadn’t really been a summer for doing anything except enjoy the days, eat light meals, take walks up the coast and watch the world go by. It also meant most people chose that time to take their vacations. Spending hard earned money to go somewhere hot because English summers are fickle. The whole street had felt peaceful and quiet.

Haley hadn’t gone on holiday with her parents. Haley, the girl who’d not long ago been a cute, over-energetic girl who loved playing chase games in her back garden with her friends before a growth spurt and puberty made her into a tall, skinny young woman who set new school records on the athletics track and was now destined, it seemed, to have a promising future in the sport. Haley, who I’d recently bumped into in town. Hanging out with her friend, the two of them giggling while they tried to hold some sort of conversation with me.

I could see into the back gardens of the neighbours on both sides. Hayley was stretched out on a sun lounger, her long body glistening gently as she slowly fried having basted herself in sun cream and wearing the tiniest of bikinis. Having started out offering her back to the sun she had now turned over. Lying there, legs together, arms by her side, sunglasses hiding her eyes, headphones covering her ears, lips syncing with the lyrics of whatever she was listening to.

The legs spread slowly. Haley bit her lip and lifted her crotch a little, as though mentally pushing towards some invisible pleasure. The nipples on her tiny breasts pushed against the fabric of her top. One hand on the bikini bra then underneath, fingers rubbing and squeezing the nipple before moving down and leaving the big fat nipple exposed.

Watching her felt wrong but I was transfixed. Hayley was a cute, athletic, adventurous kind of girl with proud parents and a bright future.

Her hand was now down in her bikini bottom, swimming around in the juices of her own making. Mouth open, back arching like a cat who knows the cream is coming.

She stopped. Her face pointed directly towards me. The sunglasses lifted, surprise on her face that turned into a smile. I remember that smile. It was one many I’ve seen. A wicked, dirty, I-want-to-be-very-naughty smile. Hayley very slowly lifted her long, toned legs and slid the bikini up and off. Her legs opened up as she lowered back, feet handing off either side of the sun lounger. The small, hairless mound of her cunt now exposed to the sun with the lips spread to reveal a darker cavern of joy inside.

I knew she’d seen me watching her and stripped herself for my benefit. There was something about that moment and the way she exposed herself which remains memorable. Showing her pussy off as though she was proud of it, like a prize rose which has flowered so beautifully to hide it would have been a sin. She lay there, one finger nestled atop the apex of her opening, her head lifted slightly, her eyes watching me. I pointed at her then down. She smiled, sucked her finger and got up.