Hot, Sweaty Anal Afternoons

Chinese Student Li Begs for Anal Sex

The flat smelled of sex, weed and cigarettes. It just needed that stale stench of alcohol to finish off the set. Windows needed opening but I was in no mood to do so. Why not just lie there in the heat of the afternoon and let everything coalesce? Li was asleep. It was becoming obvious that life in Scarborough was ending. Summer always made the town feel like a large garbage dump. Tourists came and went, consuming large amounts of ice cream but rarely having a need for using sun cream. Half of them arrived with pre-made fake tans anyway. Those days when white became lobster pink were few and far between anyway. Li smelled of butter and cum. A Chinese national on a student visa and she’s stuck in Scarborough taking cock up the ass because her pussy could only handle tiny dicks. We’d walked along the seafront earlier, laughing at the people desperately trying to make their time here seem worthwhile, except the longer anyone spent in the town the more they realised just how bad it was. Off the beach and in the town, there were the junkies selling their homeless magazines to fund their next fix or eyeing potential mugging victims. Li had worn a light dress with no bra, leaving little to anyone’s imagination while staring at her oversized breasts.

The paths down the cliff were quiet. Having rented a flat in an area that bordered the good and the bad of South Cliff I’d come down these pathways many times, often to cum somewhere in a dark corner. Li had needed to pee. I’d told her to just go. Squatting by the edge of the path, skirt hiked up a little she’d just let go, the stream dripping through the cotton panties she wore. Li was that kind of girl. She did as she was told, never wavering or misbehaving. Even spanking that round ass was a reward. How could I ever ‘punish’ someone who didn’t deserve it?

We’d eaten cheap pizza on a day more suited to fish and watched the police subdue a pair of drunken lobsters, stripped to the waist and waving cans of Special Brew around. Their skin scraped on the hardened pavements while being held down and handcuffed. Rough concrete scraping sun burnt skin wasn’t an uncommon sight. Never quite as bad as Friday nights when the same locals would fight anyone for the fun of it. Minor infractions of disrespect after consuming a week’s pay check within a handful of hours would lead straight to a cell or the hospital’s casualty department.

The weed had covered the smell of piss once we were back in the flat. The dress was off. Her nipples were hard. An afternoon joint always got Li horny. She had a small frame that made her tits look too big for her. As if she would topple over from the weight at the front. Maybe her ass provided some ballast. Round and fatty, pliable and spankable. She was telling me about a man in Manchester who had who used to cum in her ass then make her shit it out again and drink it. One day he’d brought two friends and each of them took turns. The story got me hard.

Li finished the story and the joint and bent over my cock. Blowjobs weren’t so good. Willing to do anything but lacking in technique thanks to an overactive gag reflex. I didn’t ever really want her throwing up with my cock down her throat. Better to drag her across my lap and spank her, finger that disturbingly tight pussy with one lonely finger and lube her ass with butter due to a lack of anything better or more suitable.

“I’m going to take your asshole, Li,” the words came out slowly. She got up and walked towards the bedroom. I followed her watching a small lump of butter drop off her ass onto the floor. The bedroom was bright with the afternoon sun. There was no need to close the curtains. Any neighbours with a view could either enjoy watching or not. Most would have been out anyway. No one stayed indoors on the hotter days unless they were fucking.

Face down on the bed, legs spread, hands on her ass exposing her hole.

The butter was warm and slippery, a small but growing lake as the yellow mountain melted. Head pressed against her, rubbing it around a little to gain some traction as I pushed in. I knew it was painful for Li at first. Little movements and a slight tightening of her ass made it harder to push in. She wanted that pain. Li liked pain and degradation. She would push back sometimes to get me inside her. Her hands moved above her head with the weight of my body pressing down on her. Pinning her down, increasing her submission.

Fucking her never took long. A tight and willing ass never disappoints. Thrusting into Li, grabbing her pony tail and calling her any name that came to mind got her begging for more. It told her absolutely who was in charge and she loved being controlled like that. Li was my anal bitch without question. Always leaving myself inside her after pumping out a good load. Breathless little thanks escaping from her mouth like a generous, good little girl.