mentula diffutūta

Skinny girl with big boobs sucks my cock

There comes a point where the word ‘enough’ has more meaning than you ever realised.

Is it the freedom? To live as we want and not be tied down to a place, a person or any requirement. Why do we spend our formative years making bonds? Only to spend the rest of our lives trying to break free of those bonds. They were a choice, a desire to fit in with the common mould and become forever trapped. When, once every bolt is drawn across every gate and securely locked in place, we arrive and begin to fight to get out. Straining at self-made bonds designed for docile servitude.

The tighter the bonds or the weaker the fight? Which one really forces us to remain trapped to a destiny preordained by society? Or is it just a safe way to live? Live, work and fuck in the places you know and feel comfortable with, only dreaming but never daring to leave a comfort zone designed to keep you feeling like there’s something better somewhere yet lacking the courage to go out and find it.

I knew where I was while living in Scarborough. It was a shit town when seen close-up. The things that go on in these small provincial coastal towns sometimes must be seen to be believed. The days are hot and sunny and become filled with the families on vacation and day trippers. It’s at night these places really come to life and all manner of depraved behaviour rises to the surface leaving a layer of filth that never really gets washed away. Unlike the cities where privacy somehow remains intact the degree of separation here means everyone knows everything and their perversions. When it comes to pleasures of the flesh it isn’t hard to find what you’re looking for. It’s a magnet for sin.

I never quite figured out why so many stay here. There’s a big world out there yet many stay, waiting for something happen. Laura was typical of the women here. Waiting for something or someone to take her away. She’d grown up here to point of being blasé of the town. The excitement of youth from living by the sea, the amusements and arcades had long since worn off. Jobs weren’t scarce, but they were mundane. An insanely cute chick I’d been working with for a while. All the guys had hit on her at some point. Everyone had been disappointed because they didn’t understand Laura. She was one of those insecure girls who didn’t go with guys if she knew they wanted her. Laura needed attention but if a guy showed no interest then she would feel slighted and go after him. Knowing that made it easy for me, even if it took a little longer than usual.

The smell of sex filled the room. Minutes earlier she’d ridden my erection, giving herself a noisy orgasm before I’d filled her snatch. We were lying on the bed. Laura cuddled up next to me, my arm around her body where I could gently massage one of her breasts, my other hand resting on her thigh. She was, at this moment in time, peaceful. Her breathing was slow, her breasts gently rising and falling.

Maybe she thought I was the guy to take her away. I had no such intention having come here to get away from where I’d been. I wasn’t planning on staying too long. Not that she needed to know that. Laura was a good fuck. Not the most adventurous girl but she could provide a good time. A high sex drive constantly needs feeding.

My erection was back. It’s not normally the good-looking women who keep me hard, it’s the adventurous ones. The women who aren’t afraid to tell dirty stories of past adventures or fantasies they think will never be fulfilled.

She took hold of my cock, stroking it slowly. That surprised look in her eye not knowing how I can keep wanting more. There is a secret to it that doesn’t involve any kind of drug, but I wasn’t going to share it anytime soon. She slid down, grateful that she had kept me hard and took my cock in her mouth, letting her tongue move around, her lips sliding up and down. Laura knew how to give good head. I could just lie back, close my eyes and let her do her thing.

The feeling of her lips sliding on my cock.

She knew just how to use her tongue on that sweet spot I have just below the head. One hand massaging my balls pushed me towards the edge as Laura increased the intensity of her sucking and held me for a moment at a point of intense pleasure before I needed to let go.

It was a late-night loving suck given with care and a thankfulness that lasts keeping the pleasure to a maximum before finally letting the jizz fill her mouth. For someone so young she was well practised in the art of the blowjob. But that was Laura. A sexual animal when she wanted to be and a total cock tease when she wanted something, Laura swallowed and smiled at me.

I was bored of Scarborough and becoming bored with Laura. Easily dominated but lacking in real desire. She had to be let go before the relationship got out of hand. She’d already hinted at the idea of living together which was a cast-iron guaranteed way to make me dump any women there and then.

Still, I knew a way to ensure Laura would dump me.