Clitoris Love to Make Me Wet

Using Clitoris Vibrators for Stimulation

I hadn’t spent much time with clitoris stimulators. While my clit makes me feel good and can get me going towards an orgasm, I still need a juicy vibrator or cock to finish the job. It wasn’t until a friend suggested I try something new.

“You should try this,” she said. “Makes my clit super sensitive and makes me squirt when I use it.”

The whole concept of a sex toy that can, for intents and purposes, provide a sucking stimulation of the clitoris sounded intriguing. I was willing to try anything, such is my way. Although I kinda knew I’d be keeping a vibrator close by.

The Womanizer has, by all accounts, taken the wonderful world of female masturbation by storm. Much like the Rampant Rabbit before it, the new concept of clit love is what every girl is talking about. Or so it would seem.

I’ll admit that while the Womanizer felt great. A gentle suck which made my pussy run, it still didn’t get me off. I got more pleasure from the Halo, a little motor driven three-way clit vibrator that revolves and rotates. This little puppy got me closer than anything else has to an actual clit-based orgasm. It felt divine while running the little swirl patterns around my love bud.

Have you ever felt the pleasure of water around your pussy and clit? Gentle warm waters and lap against you, providing simple stimulation that makes you want to touch yourself.

Losing yourself with a clitoral stimulator feels a little like that. Gentle pleasure which can build into a desire to have an orgasm. It’s like sitting in a hot tub with the jets going. Turning the power up feels like positioning the clit in front of a jet of water. It is heaven-on-earth type masturbation. Pure bliss.

I love my clitoris and these new toys are something else but I’m not yet ready to let go of my favourite pussy thumper vibrators.

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