Two Girls, One Bed and a Stairway to Heaven

I part the lips slightly with both hands and go ahead kissing, licking and moving my tongue around. Positive noises and heavy fast breathing is actually pretty motivating.

I slide a finger in and start fucking her while licking and sucking. Then eventually two fingers. I’m thinking how she feels tight and kind of shallow. It’s really a trip to have my fingers in a cunt that isn’t mine. I take my time working up to more rapid finger fucking and sneak in a few licks to the clit. She cums pretty hard.

Join Sybil and Vinna as they begin their lesbian affair at X-Art. Two Prague girls who have an instant infatuation for each other. A longing desire to touch and kiss each other’s bodies. Both girls have been waiting for this to happen and now it does. Watch both girls ride the stairway to heaven.

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